Greetings from the President

photo of Teruyuki HIROTA
Teruyuki HIROTA,
President, Japanese Educational Research Association

The Japan Educational Research Association (JERA) was established in 1941, with the aim to advance and spread educational research -- through the presentation of its theory and application, exchange of knowledge, and collaboration with relevant associations, both home and abroad -- and thus contribute to the development of our nation’s sciences. It comprises about 3,000 individuals: the largest academic association in the field of education in Japan.

The association holds annual national conferences in August and publishes its quarterly Japanese journal “Kyoikugaku Kenkyu,” as well as an annual English journal, “Educational Studies in Japan.” It also aims to advance educational research by convening seminars, specifically for young researchers, and promoting regional research activities and meetings (for this purpose, the association has divided the nation into seven regions).

The association enjoys a wide-ranging membership. It covers all the stages of education -- from infancy, pre-school, primary, secondary and higher education, to adult and life-long education. It also embraces different disciplinary approaches to education, including philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, political science, management studies, pedagogy, curriculum studies, and comparative education.

Thus, the association is notable for its general membership in the field of education and other related studies. About 70 academic associations that are registered with the Science Council of Japan represent these fields. However, most of them focus either on specific objects (e.g., infant and pre-school education), or specific disciplinary approaches (e.g., educational philosophy). Of these associations, JERA is the most comprehensive in membership, and therefore it can provide opportunities for discussion on broad perspectives and wide research networks to those educational researchers who tend to confine themselves to narrowly specialized objects or disciplinary approaches.

In the age of globalization, research on domestic educational issues is increasingly becoming cross-referenced, and ideas and consequences of education reform are exerting their influence across national borders. That time is over when researchers could satisfy their responsibilities by investigating only domestic issues of education. When we talk about “education in our society,” “our society” denotes the global community. It is time for educational researchers from all over the world, including Japan, to ensure that education can build a better future society for all humanity.

Therefore, the association has recently been making efforts to build networks with researchers based abroad. It hosted the focal meeting of the World Education Research Association in Tokyo in August 2019. It is also developing a sustainable international collaboration of researchers by strengthening the function of its international exchange committee.

We hope to advance educational research that will help build a better future society for all humanity in collaboration with education researchers from across the world.

May 17, 2019


Publication of the Record of the Presidential Symposium of Educational Research Associations in East Asia

The record of the Presidential Symposium of Educational Research Associations in East Asia on Education Reform in East Asia: Prospects for International Linkage among Educational Research Associations has been published. The symposium, hosted by President Teruyuki Hirota of JERA, was held at the 78th Annual JERA Conference in 2019, featuring the presidents of educational research associations in China and Korea as speakers. The record, available in three languages (Japanese, Korean, and Chinese) is downloadable from the following URL.

-Japanese (PDF)
-Korean (PDF)
-Chinese (PDF)

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