Call for Chapter Authors

Call for Chapter Authors

Handbook of Higher Education Admission Policy and Practice


May 17, 2012

In conjunction with Peter Lang Publishing, I am developing the prospectus for a Handbook of Higher Education Admission Policy and Practice, and seeking expressions of interest from academics and practitioners who would like to collaborate as chapter authors. Distinctive and unique features of the work will be the gathering of global voices on many interrelated topics that have not previously been linked in academic research.
These features will include, but not be limited to, current theory and practice, they will also raise awareness about previously unknown complexities in the higher education admission process.
Outstanding features of this work will be timeliness in the international academic marketplace, broad and fine grained attention to traditional and developmental issues during the four stages of admission policy implementation (problem identification, policy design, policy delivery, and policy evaluation), variation within public-private sector relationships, as well as exposition of sociopolitical contexts and legislative precedents that frame organizational policy and practice. At the institutional level, particular areas of interest include academic mobility, information technology, student recruitment, academic and non-academic qualifications, admission policy instrumentation, as well as admission personnel recruitment, training, and evaluation.


Individual chapters will be between 4,500 and 5,000 words (excluding references), limited to a maximum of three figures/tables/charts, and formatted with endnotes rather than footnotes. Completed chapter submissions will be due August 20, 2012 along with any keywords to be included in the Index. Publication in English is anticipated in November 2014.


I hope that you find this invitation commensurate with your professional expertise, consistent with personal interest in the global dissemination of your work, and compatible with your agenda for the coming couple of years. If you would like to collaborate with other writers, opportunities are available for a maximum of three authors per chapter. Expressions of interest should include a chapter abstract (maximum 300 words) and will be reviewed on a first come basis.

Thank you in advance for considering this invitation. I hope to hear from you soon.


Best wishes,

Virginia Stead

Prospectus Editor.
(2014). Handbook of Higher Education Admission Policy and Practice

Department of Theory and Policy Studies in Education

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada